The Barlinek floorboards inspire the design of the interior. This natural, exclusive product is made of real wood. Brushing, chamfering and dyeing enables us to create wooden floors which suit all tastes. At Barlinek, you will find a wide range of wooden floors in the most fashionable colours. Cooperation with the four finalists of the first edition of the “Creations of Nature” contest resulted in the creation of the “Tastes of Life” line – a collection of 16 floors characterised by intriguing colours.

We hope that the fifth edition of the contest will help us find the star floor colours of 2018!

When you think of the most fashionable colour, what comes to your mind? What is THE perfect colour?

Improvise, seek your perfect colour. And when the search is over, transfer this colour to the floor!

Long live the colour!

The competition consists of two stages:

Stage 1 — Presentation of the Concept

The presentation should include a moodboard illustrating the source of inspiration for the design. The suggestion as a whole should be authenticated by a presentation of the interior/function where the comprehensive concept will look its best. See competition terms and conditions (PDF file)

The jury will select the winners from among the work sent in, these will proceed to the second stage. The chosen entrants will be invited to the craft workshops at Barlinek plant.

Stage 2 — Designing a project

Presentation of the final design along with a full description of its finishing — full profile of the process (knowledge acquired during the workshops must be used). The workshop will give you an opportunity to prototype your work.

Terms and conditions - PDF file






Please, send us your comments and questions: kreacjeznatury@barlinek.com.pl
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