The results were officially announced as part of this year's Warsaw Home Trade Fair. The task faced by architects and designers was to find the most interesting and innovative designs of the Barlinek Floorboard colours. The jury selected 27 participants from Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Romania, who took part in craft workshops at Barlinek, where they created the final designs of the competition floorboard.

It has been proved once again that there are no borders in design! The participants reached for beet juice, currants and parsley, combining traditional methods with completely new and innovative ones.

“Today's verdict shows that the possibilities of cooperation with Barlinek are unlimited. What distinguishes our competition is the workshops. Being in the factory, surrounded by the forests of Barlinek, the specific climate and intensive work – all this lets the designers to literally “get their feet on the ground.” They learn to be closer to the material, that is wood, and to better understand both the possibilities and limitations of industrial production. On the other hand, we, as a manufacturer, are also inspired by these meetings. It was on the basis of such cooperation that the “Tastes of Life” collection was created, designed by the winners of the first edition, including Ania Łoskiewicz-Zakrzewska from Beza Projekt,” commented Dorota Karbowska-Zawadzka, the Marketing Director at Barlinek.

The winners of the 5th edition of the “Creations from Nature” competition are: 
1st place Ewa Dulcet and Martyna Świerczyńska – PLN 10 000 award 
2nd place Kaja Onichimowska and Natalia Banasiak – PLN 5 000 award 
3rd place Marta Ogrodowczyk – PLN 2000 award 

Ada Szczecińska - PLN 1,000 award
Aleksandra Józefiak - PLN 1,000 award 

The jury consisted of authorities in the field of architecture and design: the chairman Przemo Łukasik (Medusa Group), Agnieszka Stefańska (Infini-Design), Tomasz Błuszkowski (Forma Studio), Szymon Hanczar (Hanczar Studio), Michał Wrześniak (interior designer) and Wojciech Trzcionka (“Design Alive”). The originator of the competition is the Marketing Director at Barlinek, Dorota Karbowska-Zawadzka. 

We would like to congratulate all the winners and wish them further successes!


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