The results were officially announced as part of this year's Warsaw Home Trade Fair. The task faced by architects and designers was to find the most interesting and innovative designs of the Barlinek Floorboard colours. The jury selected 27 participants from Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Romania, who took part in craft workshops at Barlinek, where they created the final designs of the competition floorboard.

It has been proved once again that there are no borders in design! The participants reached for beet juice, currants and parsley, combining traditional methods with completely new and innovative ones.

“Today's verdict shows that the possibilities of cooperation with Barlinek are unlimited. What distinguishes our competition is the workshops. Being in the factory, surrounded by the forests of Barlinek, the specific climate and intensive work – all this lets the designers to literally “get their feet on the ground.” They learn to be closer to the material, that is wood, and to better understand both the possibilities and limitations of industrial production. On the other hand, we, as a manufacturer, are also inspired by these meetings. It was on the basis of such cooperation that the “Tastes of Life” collection was created, designed by the winners of the first edition, including Ania Łoskiewicz-Zakrzewska from Beza Projekt,” commented Dorota Karbowska-Zawadzka, the Marketing Director at Barlinek.

The winners of the 5th edition of the “Creations from Nature” competition are: 
1st place Ewa Dulcet and Martyna Świerczyńska – PLN 10 000 award 
2nd place Kaja Onichimowska and Natalia Banasiak – PLN 5 000 award 
3rd place Marta Ogrodowczyk – PLN 2000 award 

Ada Szczecińska - PLN 1,000 award
Aleksandra Józefiak - PLN 1,000 award 

The jury consisted of authorities in the field of architecture and design: the chairman Przemo Łukasik (Medusa Group), Agnieszka Stefańska (Infini-Design), Tomasz Błuszkowski (Forma Studio), Szymon Hanczar (Hanczar Studio), Michał Wrześniak (interior designer) and Wojciech Trzcionka (“Design Alive”). The originator of the competition is the Marketing Director at Barlinek, Dorota Karbowska-Zawadzka. 

We would like to congratulate all the winners and wish them further successes!

27 people from Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine took part in the second stage of the Creations of Nature competition, which took place in Barlinek's Polish factory.  A unique opportunity to learn about the entire production process and technology, the workshop, which was a part of the fifth edition of the competition, took place on 23-25 July in the surroundings of the Barlinek forests.

Together with young designers, we were looking for the perfect choice for the new colours of the Barlinek board, in line with the latest trends. Interestingly, apart from standard and available methods of colouring with oils or varnishes, the participants decided to experiment with natural products such as currant, beetroot or parsley. Jurors Szymon Hanczar, Michał Wrześniak and Wojtek Trzcionka, who were on site, had the opportunity to comment on their achievements and various attempts at obtaining colour, as well as to help and advise them on the creation of the final product.  

  - This is a perfect opportunity for us to show you how technologically advanced the floors made of Barlinek boards are – says Dorota Karbowska-Zawadzka, Marketing Director at Barlinek. We are all the more pleased with the experimental approach and the attempts to use natural pigments to obtain colours in such a real and 100% wooden product as our board. 

 The results of the competition will be announced in October during the Warsaw Home fair, while the participants have until September 10 to present the final result of their work.

 The media partners of the Creations of Nature are Design Alive, Label Magazine and Dobre Wnętrze (Good Interior).

We are happy to announce that we have launched the 3rd edition of the Creations of Nature contest and are inviting architects, interior designers and other lovers of design to take part. The aim of the contest is to select the most intriguing, innovative projects for new colours for Barlinek floorboards. Presenting the most-innovative trends of the year 2018 in the project will be highly appreciated this time.

The motto of the 3rd edition of the contest is „Long live the colour!” Undoubtedly, Barlinek Floorboards inspire interiors. This natural, exclusive product is made of real wood. Brushing, chamfering and dyeing enables us to create wooden floors which suit all tastes. Cooperation with four finalists of the first edition of the Creations of Nature contest resulted in the creation of the “Tastes of Life” line – the collection of 16 floors characterised by intriguing colours. We hope that the fifth edition of the contest will help us find the star floor colours of 2018!

When you think of the most-fashionable colour, what comes to your mind? What is THE perfect colour? Improvise, seek your perfect colour. When the search is over, transfer this colour to the floor!

Taking into consideration how successful the previous editions have been, and how many works we have received, we are happy to invite contestants from Russia, Ukraine and Romania to take part in this edition of the contest as well.

The procedure stays the same - the contest includes two stages. Projects submitted for stage I must feature a moodboard presenting all elements which provided inspiration for the project. It needs to be in electronic form, e.g. in a PowerPoint presentation. In stage II, the contestants selected by the jury will take part in workshops taking place in our production plant in Barlinek. There they will develop their projects and acquire new skills under our experts' and the jury's supervision. That is how the contestants will complete their final projects for the contest.

The composition of the jury includes renowned experts in architecture and design: the Head of the Jury - Przemo Łukasik (Medusa Group), and members Agnieszka Stefańska (Infinity-Design), Tomasz Błuszkowski (Forma Studio), Szymon Hanczar (Hanczar Studio) and Wojciech Trzcionka (Design Alive). The idea of the contest was created by the Marketing Director of the Barlinek Company - Dorota Karbowska-Zawadzka.

The final gala and presentation of the awards and distinctions will take place on 5th October during this year's Warsaw Home fair.

Projects can be submitted until 10th June 2018

The Jury of the Creations from Nature competition deliberated on 21.06. From among the mass of works entered, the Jury selected the younger generation's most talented, passionate and imaginative designers participating in this year's competition - the fifth edition (third international).

The Jury was honoured by the presence of authority figures from the fields of architecture and design - the chairman Przemo Łukasik (Medusa Group), Agnieszka Stefańska (Infini-Design), Wojciech Trzcionka (Design Alive), Tomasz Błuszkowski (Forma Studio), Szymon Hanczar (Hanczar Studio), Michał Wrześniak (architect, designer) and also Dorota Karbowska-Zawadzka (Barlinek), Jacek Kula (Barlinek).

The works which qualified for the second stage of the competition are a creative interpretation of the slogan "Long live the colour”.

List of contestants qualified for second stage:

Sara Boś, Paweł Lasota (Poland)

Hanna Pałczyńska (Poland)

Weronika Budzichowska (Poland)

Marcin Szafrański, Daria Gibiec (Poland)

Kamila Iżykowicz (Poland)

Natalia Ladżyńska (Poland)

Ada Szczecińska (Poland)

Marta Ogrodowczyk (Poland)

Ewa Duclet, Martyna Świerczyńska (Poland)

Barbara Stelmachowska (Poland)

Aleksandra Józefiak (Poland)

Agata Gancarczyk, Martyna Mieszko (Poland)

Martyna Świerczyńska (Poland)

Madde (Poland)

Andrea Głowala (Poland)

Kaja Onichimowska, Natalia Banasiak (Poland)

Robert Osiński (Poland)

Ionut Mitroescu (Romania)

Novotorzhentseva Oksana (Russia)

НикиХристинаРахат (Russia)

Pavel /Woodcraft , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./ (Ukraine)



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