An architect. He studied architecture at the Silesian University of Technology and at Ecole d’Architecture Paris-Villemin in Paris, France. In 1997, he established with Lukasz Zagala his own architectural office: medusa group, which employs over 35 people and is located in Bytom in an abandoned warehouse (1400m2) adapted for the needs of the office. He is the creator of Bolko Loft - the first loft in Poland - which has become an Icon of Polish Architecture. Today medusa group is known for its unpretentious approach to architecture and design, as well as for its comprehensive services combining architecture, engineering design, and planning.>



An architect, interior designer, furniture designer, graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology 1997. She obtained her diploma under the supervision of Professor Konrad Kucza–Kuczynski, Ph.D., Eng. Arch. Since 2009, she has been running Infini-Design. She is an author and co-author of dozens of completed projects of interiors, houses, private apartments and office spaces, published many times in interior design magazines.



An interior designer and architect. He is a graduate of Master’s degree studies at the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology, in the field of Architecture and Urban Planning. His design works include a series of interiors, both for public as well as residential purposes. He has been running his own design office for many years.



Sales and marketing manager of Design Alive magazine, partner in Presso media+design publishers. A design consultant, he advises companies on building strategies based on the creative industries. Juror in many design contests. Co-creator of the Design Alive Award concept, which since 2012 has been rewarding outstanding personalities for their creativity and cultural influence. Winner of the Business Centre Club's Sharp Pen award for his contribution to the development of enterprise. Graduated from the Journalism and Social Sciences Department of the University of Warsaw, subsequently a journalist, photographer, editor and newspaper publisher.



Marketing Director at Barlinek S.A. and the originator of the competition. She is responsible for the marketing strategy for European markets and Russia. She combines her knowledge of current trends in design with her expertise on the preferences of consumers in individual countries. A lover of wood, beautiful forms and creative solutions.



Interior architect and designer. Assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, where he has been co-leading the "workshops of two studios" known as w2p since 2012. He has designed a number of interiors, both public and residential, and well as implemented products. He is the author of, among others, the Symbol lamp, recommended for the Good Design ("Dobry Wzór") competition in 2011. He likes unconventional solutions, as evidenced by the sled on wheels "WE NEVER GIVE UP!". His minimal apartment "13m2" in 2011 won first prize in the "Interior Design" competition of the Lower Silesian Association of Polish Architects. He runs his own design office.



Investment Director at Barlinek S.A., responsible for cooperation with design offices in Poland. For Jacek, work means passion. He highly values the fact that he has direct contact with designers at every stage of investment realisation. In private life, he is an enthusiast of automobiles with soul..



Interior architect, artist, designer, expert in visual communication. Gdańsk citizen by origin and by choice. He graduated from the Faculty of Interior Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Moreover, he was granted a scholarship at the Hochschule Trier (The Trier University of Applied Sciences), a prestigious German university. Since 2004 Michał has been running his own architectural workshop. His speciality is the design and arrangement of various interiors – from residential properties, offices and restaurants, to all kinds of public facilities. In 2016 Michał Wrześniak won a contest for designing the interiors of move-in-ready flats in a major investment in Gdańsk. Currently, he and his team are involved in cooperation with one of the leading Swedish developers. Together, they are trying to change the way we perceive the Scandinavian style, and the way we understand the term “shell unit” in Poland. .


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