Łódź Design Festival as usual saw the results of the Creations of Nature competition settled. At Saturday's meeting in the specially arranged House of Ideas, the Jury chaired by Przemo Łukasik announced the winners.

1st place Lea Kazanecka-Olejnik

2nd place Marcin Kitala

3rd place Dumitru Alexandru-Marian

Distinctions for Kaja Onichimowska and Natalia Banasik


On 18-21 July 2017, Barlinek Institute of Design invited the successful candidates who qualified for the 2nd stage of the Creations of Nature 2.0 contest to special workshops.

This year's contest is the fourth, and the second to have an international reach — since 2016 we have been inviting architects from Russia, Ukraine and Romania to take part.

The participants spent time at craft workshops where, under the eye of specialists and experts, they could experience work with wood and above all confront their projects and visions with the production possibilities. The architects drew influence from a number of factors to develop their projects, and also come up with new ones. It was these workshops which were to prepare them to hand in their final projects in the 2nd stage of the contest.

In line with the motto of the contest's fourth edition — Break Away from  the Floor! — the candidates' works were surprising, distinctive and above all original.

Help at the workshops was provided by experts from the company Saicos, who supported the candidates with their knowledge and experience in wood processing, protection and conservation. Meanwhile members of the jury served as mentors — the architect Tomasz Błuszkowski, and Wojciech Trzcionka, editor-in-chief of Design Alive, our contest's partner.

The results of the contest will be unveiled in October at the gala finale during the Łódź Design Festival.

"Break Away from the Floor" and take part in the fourth edition of the Creations from Nature contest organised by Barlinek Institute of Design. The competition is aimed at architects and designers, and at everyone for whom designing is just sheer pleasure. Creations from Nature is more than just a competition that ends the moment the results are announced, it is a comprehensive plan for collaboration between Barlinek and the designers.

In the fourth edition we have redefined the concept of a floor. We are breaking away from the floor and the clichéd thinking that boards are just floors, walls and ceilings.  Do not limit your imagination to any particular plane.  You are capable of more. Much more.
After the success of the third edition of the contest and the large number of entries received, this year we are extending our invitation to designers from Russia, Ukraine and Romania.

The formula of the competition remains unchanged, consisting of two stages. In the first, contestants present a general concept (including a moodboard illustrating the source of inspiration. They will show what guided them when creating the design, but they will also be able to present themselves in terms of the interior design process itself).
In the second stage, selected contestants will be invited to our factory in Barlinek for dedicated workshops, where experts from our company will oversee their projects as they acquire new skills. The result of this work will be the final design submitted to the contest.

The aim of the competition is to uncover the most talented, passionate and imaginative designers of the younger generation — those able to understand the market, and capable of putting their knowledge into practice in business. Alongside Barlinek representatives, the Jury includes authority figures from the fields of architecture and design — the chairman Przemo Łukasik (Medusa Group), Agnieszka Stefańska (Infinity-Design), Wojciech Trzcionka (Design Alive), Tomasz Błuszkowski (Forma Studio), and also Szymon Hanczar (Hanczar Studio).
The gala final of the competition and prize giving ceremony will take place in October during this year's Łódź Design Festival.

The deadline for submitting work is 31 May 2017.

The Jury of the Creations from Nature competition deliberated on 13.06. From among the mass of works entered, the Jury selected the younger generation's most talented, passionate and imaginative designers participating in this year's competition - the fourth edition (second international).

The Jury was honoured by the presence of authority figures from the fields of architecture and design - the chairman Przemo Łukasik (Medusa Group), Agnieszka Stefańska (Infinity-Design), Wojciech Trzcionka (Design Alive), Tomasz Błuszkowski (Forma Studio), and also Szymon Hanczar (Hanczar Studio).

The works which qualified for the second stage of the competition are a creative interpretation of the slogan "Break away from the floor” and boilerplate thinking that the floorboard is only associated with the floor, the wall, ceiling.

List of contestants qualified for second stage:

Anna Smirnoffa

Barbara Bołoz

Dominika & Daria Blażek

Dumitru Alexandru-Marian

Ewa Dulcet & Martyna Świerczyńska

Hanna Radło

Kaja Onichimowska & Natalia Banasiak

Karolina Ogiołda

Lea Kazanecka-Olejnik

Magdalena Mojsiejuk & Barbara Drozdek

Marcin Kitala

Marcin Łozicki

Marta Kincel

Oleg Raspopov

Volodya Tsapuk


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